**A Message from the Original Circle of Friends™**


In recent months we have viewed or participated in the protests and other events as a result of the choking death of George Floyd, an African American, at the hands of Minneapolis police. Mr. Floyd’s death on Memorial Day 2020 followed those of Ahmaud Arberry and Breonna Taylor, also African Americans, whose shooting deaths in recent months also involved law enforcement officials.


Black Lives Matter, an organization founded in 2013 following the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, has been in the forefront of the current protests as people throughout the world demand changes to the systemic racism that Black men, women and children live with daily. Many such racist practices have prevailed since America’s founding.


The Original Circle of Friends (OCOF) understands that it is not enough to speak out. We must be part of the solution. OCOF stands firm in our support of the movement against police brutality and systemic racism.


Our commitment in pursuing justice and equality in all aspects of our society is heightened by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, which has further revealed the overwhelming health disparities affecting African Americans and other communities of color.


OCOF strongly believes that education is not only essential for a better life. It can also lead to a better world by allowing us to understand what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s fair and what’s unfair. Education reveals our rights and responsibilities as citizens. It enables us to expect, and when necessary, demand equality and justice.


Moving forward, the OCOF will diligently continue our efforts to raise funds to provide financial support to college students as they further their education in important fields such as business, education, law, medicine, politics, science and technology and the arts.


We ask that you join us in supporting all efforts to eradicate racial disparities and systems of oppression everywhere.


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